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Hedda Gabler

I was fortunate to have a director who knew this show intimately, so there were a lot of reactions to space and moments that led to the set design. There was the barn like- emptiness of the space we were in (the theater) and knowing that Hedda felt empty, as well as just moved in so had a lack of things. There was the trapped feeling, the hiding, and listening that Hedda that led us to block some sightliness and verticals via the pillars, the back door, and the claw marks on the wall. And there was a manufactured beauty that Hedda disguised her pain in, almost like how you would pose a still life before you'd paint it. Everything was a little too sweet, a little too poised, a little too graceful. Thar led us to our furniture and placement of curtain. 

Hedda Gabler
Set Designer

Director- Moya O'Connell 

Jericho Art Center


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